What is an open, mobile device lab?

A device lab is a collection of many different web-capable devices that are available for web designers/developers to use for testing. Realistically, most of us can’t go out and buy every device so that we can have it available for testing. But the solution is pretty simple: we share. A community device lab is basically just a group of local web folks working together to collect a wide range of devices (generally through donations) and then making those devices available to other local designers/developers to use for testing.

Where are we?

Our first location at Canvas Co/Work on 19th and M Streets in Washington, DC opened last September. Send us a note using the contact form below to schedule a time in the lab.

What's it cost?

DC Device Lab was fundamentally built as a resource for the local development community. There is only a minimal charge of $5 an hour, just to cover the cost of upkeep. Also, check out our list of devices in this section to see the latest on which technologies we offer.

Sponsors and Supporters

A huge "THANK YOU!" goes out to all our supporters and sponsors, without whom setting up a lab would not have been possible. Make sure to check out our sponsors by clicking on the logos; afterall there would be no DC Device Lab without them!

We are also a proud member of OpenDeviceLab.com. An international network of open device labs which totes over 111 labs across 26 countries world-wide and a whopping 2,676 devices available. This is an incredbile grassroots movement that DC Device Lab is excited to be a part of. In fact, it's gained so much momentum lately that they've even been shortlisted for Net Award's, Game Changer of the Year.

Rock Creek Marketing
Canvas CoWork
DC Mayor Offic


Curious about which devices we have on tap for developers? Check out the list below for the latest and greatest - and don't forget, if there's something you are developing for or you have a specific device need and don't see it on our list, feel free to reach out to us directly and let us know. We'll do our very best to provide what you, the developer, requires for your project.


Device Name OS Display Resolution
iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.6 ---- ----
iPad Mini 1st Gen iOS 7.0.6 ---- ----
iPod Touch iOS 5.0 ---- ----
iPad 4th Gen with Retina Display iOS 7.0.6 ---- ----
Nokia Lumia 820, Dev Device - x3 Windows 8.0 4.3 Inch 800 x 480
HTC Inspire 4G Android 2.3.5 4.3 Inch 800 x 480
HTC Nexus One Android 2.3.6 ---- 800 x 480
Samsung Droid Charge SCH-I510 Android 2.3.6 ---- 800 x 480
Samsung Galaxy S SGH-T959 - x2 Android Froyo ---- 800 x 480
Samsung Epic SPH-D700 Android Gingerbread ---- 800 x 480
Samsung Captivate SGH-I897 Android Eclair ---- 800 x 480
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH-T959 - x2 Android 2.1-UPDATE1 ---- 800 x 480
Samsung Galaxy Note SGH-1717 Android 4.0.4 5.3" 1024 x 600
Blackberry Playbook Blackberry Tablet OS 7" 1024 x 600
Blackberry Dev Alpha C Blackberry 10 OS ---- ----
Blackberry Dev Alpha B Blackberry 10 OS ---- ----
Microsoft Surface RT Windows 7 ---- 1024 x 600
Microsoft Surface 2 Windows 8.1 10.6" 1366x768
iMac For cross-browser testing ---- ----
Dell Laptop For IE testing ---- ----
Lenovo IdeaPad A1000-F Android 4.1.2 ---- 1024 x 600
NEXBOOK NEXT7P12-8G Android 4.0.4 ---- 800 x 480
Kindle Fire DO1400 10.4.6 7" 1024 x 600
Google Chromecast ---- ---- ----
39" Insignia LED, 720p HDTP ---- ---- ----

Latest Lab News

May, 2014

It's hard to believe but DC Device Lab has now been open for a little over six months! Over that time we've had everyone from independent developers to whole development teams belonging to local start ups and corporations come and pay us a visit. A few familiar names like National Geographic, Contactually, Rad Campaign and more have smartly

benefited from this great new community resource. We have a lot planned for our next six months too. Like trying to make it to 40 devices by August! Can we do it? We hope so! But we'll need some help too. Check out this section for more on that or drop us a line. We also plan on launching a small crowdsourced fundraising campaign in the next few weeks for those looking for an easy way to give back and help us reach our goal. Until then stop by, test your most recent project, and show this great community resource some love.

Finally, back in February there was a fantastic piece written about DC Device Lab in Tech Cocktail. Not only did the article highlight our lab here in DC but the overall global Open Device Lab (ODL) movement as well that includes 111 labs in 26 different countries and began only in 2011. Check out the link below to find out more!

Contact Us.

Want to reserve time? Have a question? Have a device request? We're here to help. Drop us a line and we'll get back to you right away.